About the Library

The CCC Library is situated on the second floor of the China Cultural Centre at 173 Melita Street, Valletta, Malta . We aim to make our service easily accessibly to the general public and to create an friendly environment for the learning of Chinese culture. The library is scheduled to provide its service in September, 2003.

The CCC Library has a collection of over 11,000 books, newspapers and periodicals as well as electronic materials in both Chinese and English, of which most are available for circulation.

To meet with our objective, our service is designed on the principle of users’ friendliness. All the collections are indexed on computer database and can be easily searchable. The digital reading facilities at the library will ensure tailered services not only in accessing electronic materials such as music CDs, VCD, DVD, CD-Rom and videotapes, but also in surfing the internet for information about Chinese culture and other subject matters.

The Category of the CCC Library’s Collection

Books on

1.         books on China’s politics, economy, culture, history, geography, nationalities, religion, natural environment, and science;

2.        master pieces on Chinese and foreign literature, drama, dance, fine art, photography, films and television;

3.        books on education, sports, medicine, health, food and travel


Electronic Reading Materials

Special editions on China’s economic development, people’s life, scenery and places of interest, folk custom, culture and religion

1.         music pieces of traditional music, philhomonic and songs

2.        films and TV series

Library Services

The Library is open to the public. CCC cordially invited our friends, especially students to visit the library. The library services provided include books and periodicals for reading in the library, books for circulation, audio and visual facilities and surfing on the internet.


Reader’s Card

1.       Application for reader’s card must be accompanied by an ID with valid name, photo and address, a filled-out application form with one photo

2.      Reader’s card is not transferable. Lost or stolen cards must be reported to the Library immediately for a replacement card.

3.      A replacement card can be issued free of charge if the reader’s card is damaged or in poor condition.

4.      If you are to change your address, please notify the Library of the chang for the purpose of data update.

5.      Children under the age of twelve (12) must have their cards co-signed by a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian is responsible for the child's card and materials borrowed.


How to Borrow


1.         Two items are allowed to be checked out per reader’s card per borrow.

2.        The loan period for library materials is fourteen (14) days during which a renewal for another 7 days is permitted.

3.        All bookshelves are accessable to the readers. Books with labels “Reference”, “Oversize” and “Library use only” are not for circulation.

4.        When checking out, a photo ID and the Reader’s Card are required to be presented to the librarian.


Reading in the library

All bookshelves are accessable to the readers. Please leave the books on the reading table after reading. The librarian will re-shelf them.

Electronic materials

After selecting the item from the electronic materials list, please present your reader’s card to the librarian for the items. You will be assigned to the audio or visual equipment for your enjoyment.

Library Hours

Oct to June:       9:00am to 1:00pm and 3:00pm to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday

July to Sept:        8:30am to 1:00pm Monday through Friday

The Library is closed on Jan. 1st - 3rd, April 5th, May 1st to 3rd, Oct 1st to 7th, Malta Independence Day, Christmas (3 days) and the Chinese New Year (7 days).

How to Contact Us

Address:              173 Melita Street, Valletta, Malta, VLT 1127

Phone:                 21225056, Fax:  21225058

Email:                  maltaccclib@gmail.com