9th Edition of Summer Chinese Film Festival Gloriously Celebrates 95th Anniversary of the Founding of CPC
2016-12-26 11:19:26

The 9th Edition of Summer Chinese Film Festival was successfully held at Garden of Serenity in Santa Lucija, from 26th to 28th August. This year, the three-day festival was a collaboration between China Cultural Centre in Malta, Santa Lucija Local Council and Chinese Community Association in Malta, attracting over 170 people from all walks of life.

H.E. Jiang Jiang Ambassador of the People`s Republic of China to Malta, Mr Lan Chongxin, Political Counsellor at the Chinese Embassy, Mr Terrence Ellul, Mayor of Santa Lucija, Mr Fredrick Cutajar, Vice Mayor of Santa Lucija and Mr Joseph Cutajar, Vice Mayor of Birzebbuga were amongst the dignitaries present on the opening night.

China Cultural Centre Director Mr Wang Yanjun commenced his speech with a word of thanks to CCC`s cooperative partner on this event, Santa Lucija Local Council. He proceeded to say that as the “Summer Chinese Film Festival” has been organized for nine consecutive years, it has become an important part of local cultural life, making its mark as one of CCC`s known branded events, as well as a medium within which friendship between both countries is flourishes. He added that through this favourable situation, CCC takes every opportunity to seek new horizons, strengthen collaboration, add new meaning to the Film Festival and revitalize its brand. With regards to the theme, Mr Wang stated that this year marks the 95th Anniversary of the Founding of CPC, hence the 2016 edition of the Film Festival is one of the series of events dedicated to this celebration. In this way, it presents the long road travelled for a better present, and the many paths paved for a brighter future. In addition, he recalled that one must learn from the past before envisaging the future. The film screened, “The Founding of a Republic” presents excerpts of history through which one would gain insight into the Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation and the responsibility that members of the Communist Party of China had to shoulder, from which in turn to derive appreciation of the outcome, which was forged by China`s history, designed by its fate, and chosen by the vast majority of its people. Through this movie, the audience would come to understand the nature of this turning point and the source of Contemporary China`s forward looking positivity.

During his speech Mr Fredrick Cutajar expressed profound gratitude to H.E. Jiang Jiang for his attendance, and reciprocated the audience`s enthusiasm with a very warm welcome. He announced that the Summer Chinese Film Festival is an event that the residents of Santa Lucija look forward to annually, as they acquire knowledge on and close contact with China through the subjects of the screenings and the Chinese-style garden that complements them. Mr Cutajar closed his speech with a reminder that the Summer Chinese Film Festival is a classic example of the fruits of cultural cooperation between China and Malta, and sincere wishes for the success of the event.

After the Opening Ceremony, “The Founding of the Republic”, a production of great expertise and cutting edge filming technology lit up the screen with a realistic cinematographic re-enactment of China`s major episode in history, capturing the turmoil of the people as well as their unified choice favouring the Communist Party of China. The emotive scenes pertained strongly to the audience`s sympathy, moving several to tears. The film scored high with a highly-experienced local film Producer and Director, who told members of CCC staff that such a high quality historic movie is worthy of repeat screening. The first show of the festival also attracted numerous personnel of Chinese support organizations and Chinese enterprises based in Malta. The entire medical staff of the Mediterranean Regional Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine were present, reviving memories of a past long gone and revising History of China`s Communist Party through a vivid review lesson.

This year`s Summer Chinese Film Festival is rich in content, foregrounding the element of commemorative celebration with “The Founding of a Republic” and “The Beginning of the Great Revival”, while the whole-family favourite “The Monkey King: Uproar in Heaven” served as a cartoon reflecting Chinese culture to children through its animations. Dr. Toni Sant, Artistic Director of Spazju Kreattiv, St James Cavalier expressed appreciation for the Chinese children`s cultural product as well as ardent anticipation for more cooperation on projects targeting children`s interests. While realizing its goal as an activity which has been assimilated in the local cultural scene, the Summer Chinese Film Festival made progressive steps in other respects as well: CCC cooperated with Santa Lucija Local Council and the Chinese Community Association in Malta to integrate meal providing service in the programme, adding a homely touch to the event, by serving Chinese meals prior to the film screening.

This Year`s Summer Chinese Film Festival was not only a new addition to the well established branded annual event but also an important part of the cultural series celebrating CPC`s 95th Anniversary. Innovating standard brands is one of the focal points of CCC`s work, while integrating a theme in the series of the edition adds depth and sustenance event. While pursuing these aspirations, the 9th Edition of Summer Chinese Film Festival contributed gloriously to the series of events held in celebration of the 95th Anniversary of the Founding of CPC.