The President of Malta Attends Violinist Ning Feng`s Recital
2016-12-26 17:13:14

Renowned Chinese Violinist Ning Feng captivates his audience with a spellbinding debut performance in Malta, on September 3, 2016. H.E. Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta, H.E Jiang Jiang, Ambassador of the People`s Republic of China to Malta, H.E. President Emeritus Prof. Ugo Mifsud Bonnici, Ms Catherine Tabone, Director of the Culture Directorate, Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government, Dr Kenneth Spiteri, Chairman of Mediterranean Conference Centre, the Australian High Commissioner and Ambassadors of Turkey and Ghana, were present amongst an audience of over two hundred.


Prior to the recital, H.E. Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta conversed with the H.E. Jiang Jiang, Ambassador of China and CCC Director Mr Wang Yanjun, acknowledging CCC`s endeavours and expressing appreciation for the numerous quality events that it has held in Malta. Moreover, Her Excellency The President of Malta, lauded Ning Feng immensely, thanking H.E. Jiang Jiang for his invitation to such a splendid recital.


This recital marks Ning Feng`s first ever performance on the island, presenting locals with an epitome of excellence attained by Chinese musicans, and exhibiting Ning Feng`s colossal talent and technical prowess, leaving an indelible impression on his audience. Throughout the recital, Ning Feng was accompanied by Maltese pianist Charlene Farrugia, who added a perfect touch to their sublime deliverance.

On the evening of the Ning Feng Recital, the glow of an approaching autumn was outshined by the heightened spirits and warmth that kindled across the theatre; and even more so by the ardent response that repeatedly brought Ning Feng back to the stage for post-programme encores by which he reciprocated their appreciation. After the recital, members of the audience took turns to congratulate H.E. Jiang Jiang and Mr Wang Yanjun, and shower Ning Feng with compliments, one of particular note was an elderly connoisseur’s vow that this was the most magnificent violin recital ever experienced.


This performance is yet another successful event organized by China Cultural Centre in collaboration with the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation, and one to which Ning Feng willingly contributed, in aid of fundraising for its charitable causes.


During the previous day`s rehearsal Ning Feng accepted an interview with Malta`s leading newspaper, The Times of Malta, while on the night of the event he consented to Public Broad Casting Services Ltd`s filming of the entire recital for later broadcast twice on Malta`s National Television Station. In this way, Ning Feng`s wondrous performance will be perpetuated far and beyond, for the enjoyment of a nation-wide audience, who will no doubt be swept away and confounded in musical bliss, echoing the impact of Ning Feng`s momentous appearance in Malta.

Translated by Aida Daoud Bushra