Pursuing Creativity and Commercialization With Happy Chinese New Year Concert
2016-12-26 16:41:23



China Cultural Centre followed its heart and conquered others` with the first edition of a new brand of cultural series: Happy Chinese New Year Concert-The Fragrance of Spring, on the evening of January 29, at Sir Temi Zammit Hall, University of Malta.

The Ambassador of China to Malta, H.E. Mr Cai Jinbiao and Mme Wang Jianqun, H.E. President Emeritus of Malta Dr. Ugo Mifsud Bonnici and his spouse, Mr Paul Bugeja Chief Executive Officer of Malta Tourism Authority, Ms Sylvana Mercieca Culture Directorate Principal Secretary, Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government, Prof. Anthony Frendo, Co-Director of Confucius Institute, University of Malta, Mr Zhuang Yan , Deputy Director of the Jinan Television, Radio and Publications Bureau, Mr Wang Yanjun, Director of China Cultural Centre, as well as Ambassadors and High Commissioners of ten different countries, including Australia, Germany, Egypt, Greece, Ireland, were among the people from all walks of life comprising an audience of around 400 at the 2016 Happy Chinese New Year Concert.

The performance presented by seven visiting musicians representing the Jinan Song and Dance Theatre, from Shandong Province, combined Chinese traditional and folk music as well as New Chinese Instrumental symphonies bearing modern elements, evoking rapturous response from the audience, especially as they played two popular ballads written by the well-known Maltese Composer Maestro Paul Abela. The audience`s unanimous appreciation resonated throughout the hall as they sang along to familiar tunes, and their rhythmic clapping climaxed with roaring applause.

This year`s concert is an extension to the successful 2015 Happy Chinese New Year branded series and one step further in the Centre`s experimentatal operations to introduce commercialized Chinese artistic productions to local theatrical scene. The unprecedented achievement of this event owes much to the tremendous support of Chinese Enterprises based in Malta, primarily SEP (Malta) Holding Ltd, Focus Energy Resources Company Ltd. and Leisure Clothing Ltd..On the evening of the event, over 400 seats were occupied in the bottom area, equivalent to nearly full capacity of the theatre`s platea, the majority of which were paying members of the audience whose expectations were evidently fulfilled, if not exceeded.

“The Fragrance of Spring” concert is this year`s answer to the freshly launched “Happy Chinese New Year Concert” branded cultural initiative, a new addition to the “Happy Chinese New Year” annual series of events, born out of CCC`s continuous pursuit to unfold new horizons. Despite certain drawbacks, such as limited promotion time and unfavourable market conditions, the launching of “Happy Chinese New Year Concert” was fulfilled in accordance with the three proposed guiding principles: branding events, naturalizing schemes, and commercializing projects. This brave and challenging move not only assured the success of this year`s concert, but also reached new heights in CCC`s ongoing endeavours to commercialize “Happy Chinese New Year” in Malta.

The resounding success of the market-oriented experimentation with The Fragrance of Spring, is reflected in the ardent response from the audience, and the high praise of MTA`s CEO Mr Paul Bugeja for the orchestra`s sensational deliverance. Mr Bugeja expressed his hope and vision that the China Cultural Centre would be able to organize more such high quality Chinese artistic productions in Malta. On a similar note, Prof. Anthony Frendo, Co-Director of the Confucius Institute, expressed admiration for the musicians` expertise, while numerous members of the audience conveyed messages of gratitude to CCC, some even eagerly inquiring about the next scheduled performance of the kind.

(Translated by Aida D. Bushra)