He Ping`s “ Persistence of Form” Painting Exhibition Inaugurated in Malta
2016-12-26 14:48:33


A year`s worth of preparation and anticipation culminated with the superb launch of “Persistence of Form - Heping`s Painting Exhibition” at Spazju kreattiv, St James Cavalier, on 2nd September, 2016. H.E. Jiang Jiang, the newly accredited Ambassador of China to Malta, Mr Wang Yanjun, Director of China Cultural Centre in Malta, Mr Rupert Cefai, Chairman of Fondazzjoni Kreattivita - Spazju Kreattiv, Dr Toni Sant, Artistic Director of Spazju Kreattiv, Mr EV Borg President of Art Discussion Group and other dignitaries were amongst the 70-odd guests who attended the Inauguration Ceremony.


During his speech, CCC Director Mr Wang Yanjun described China Cultural Centre as a linking bridge connecting distant parts of the world, while also showcasing China`s wealth of traditional arts and the fruits of research and innovation that flourish in its contemporary art world. Since China`s Reform and Opening up ignited a surge of creative impetus, countless Chinese experts and masters in the fields of Arts have emerged. In the course of developing and assimilating elements of Western art, they have also crystallized myriad aesthetic and philosophical aspects of China`s diverse ethnic pool, conceiving unique modes of expression, as exemplified by He Ping`s individualized style. His works capture the quintessential of contemporary Chinese artists` creative pursuits: retaining a Chinese identity, reflecting the present and aspiring towards the future.


Spazzju Kreattiv Artistic Director, Dr Toni Sant commenced his speech with an observation on the favourable and steady collaboration between Spazju Kreattiv and China Cultural Centre in Malta, out of which this exhibition was conceived. Dr Sant inferred that works such as He Ping`s overcome language barriers and strike a chord with viewers globally, displaying Chinese art as well as the fresh face of new China, by revealing the sentiments at its core, the character of its fabric and the image which defines it.


The visiting artist, He Ping extended his gratitude to all who rendered their support and encouragement on this project, explaining that the language of art is a fascinating field of exploration, offering boundless potential and creative space for the artist. He added that the advance of modern technology and the flourishing of ethnic pluralism and inclusiveness never cease to inspire artists with new approaches and ideas. He Ping concluded with the wish that his exhibition would create opportunities for discursive exchange with local artists and the Maltese public, by which he may share his perspectives on art in the global context which unites us.


ADG President Mr EV Borg, also a prominent art critic and curator, pointed out that He Ping`s works are fundamentally visual reconstructions of the intrinsic qualities and essence exuded by his subjects, depicted through abstractions of their dynamic living physical form. Mr Borg defined He Ping`s style as a harmonious combination of Western Expressionism and unrestrained mastery of Chinese traditional Calligraphy, so that the uncanny simplicity of each painting is the ingeniously reduced multi-dimensional impression of the subject`s external reality, existential experience and state of mind.


Following the speeches, He Ping presented a live interactive demonstration of his artistic process, inviting a well-known local artist to pose as his model. He Ping`s exceptional deliverance, compounded with the effective screening and looping of a documentary on this very theme, previously broadcasted on TV in China, simultaneously provided a close-up view and enlightening encounter with his methods and concepts, attracting great interest from the attending guests

This exhibition is one of several important joint projects on the cultural calendars of China Cultural Centre and Spazju Kreattiv this year. As CCC endeavors to promote Chinese Culture, it also actively supports contemporary Chinese artists and introduces them to well-established local cultural organizations.

Spazju Kreattiv designated the esteemed Space A of St James Cavalier as the gallery for He Ping`s exhibition. In addition, Mr EV Borg, CCC`s long- standing friend and collaborative partner, graciously undertook the roles of curator and writer, issuing an insightful critical article which was published and posted on various media platforms. Moreover, CCC collaborated with prestigious local media, resulting in a full-page feature article in the leading local English newspaper, the Times of Malta, based on an exclusive interview with the artist He Ping. Moreover, the curator, Mr Ev Borg accepted a specialist interview on a popular culture-themed radio programme, hosted by Malta`s PBS, on the National Radio Station. The extensive media coverage helped boost enthusiasm and interest, optimizing public reception to this exhibition.

Translated by Aida Daoud Bushra