Unveiling of 2016 Dialogue between Chinese and Maltese Female Artists Fine Art Exhibition
2016-12-26 15:47:27
嘉宾参观展览 嘉宾合影留念

On 17th March, China Cultural Centre in Malta held the 2nd edition of "Dialogue between Chinese and Maltese Female Artists Fine Art Exhibition", as part of CCC`s "2016 Women`s Culture Month" themed-series of events. The Ambassador of the People`s Republic of China H.E. Mr Cai Jinbiao and Mme Wang Jianqun, CCC Director Mr Wang Yanjun, Dr Romina Delia, Representative of Hon. Dr Owen Bonnici Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government, Ms Mary Gaerty, President of the National Council of Women of Malta, Mr E.V. Borg, the renowned Maltese Art Critic and President of the Art Discussion Group, Dr Toni Sant, Artistic Director of St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, as well as several lady diplomats, Ambassadors` wives and persons from various local art circles were amongst the 50-odd guests present at the Exhibition Inauguration Ceremony.

王彦军主任讲话 现场观众

The Chinese Ambassador H.E Mr Cai Jin Biao delivered the Opening Speech, thanking the two artists, Li Ning and Lida Sherafatmand, for providing such fascinatingly beautiful yet stylistically diverse masterpieces. His Excellency pointed out that the works exude the artists` passion for life and love for nature, as well as convey the power of artistic dialogue and interaction as a medium and means of cross-cultural communication which can overcome territorial boundaries, since it inspires appreciation and respect amongst fellow human beings irrespective of their origins or nationality.

画家李宁发言 蔡金彪大使在王彦军主任陪同下参观展览

The Representative of the Honorable Minister Dr. Owen Bonnici, Dr Romina Delia, Internationalisation Associate at Arts Council Malta, delivered a speech applauding the fruition of such an exhibition, as art serves as a universal world language that fosters discourse and exchange at an interpersonal level. Moreover, Dr Delia voiced her wish that cultural exchange between China and Malta will continue to advance and prosper, expressing her intention to support Arts Council Malta with prospective projects that encourage Maltese artists to participate in exhibitions, art festivals and other cultural initiatives that are held in China.

蔡金彪大使致辞 观众参观展览

In addition, the two artists took turns to address the attending guests, introducing their works and sharing personal experiences conducive to their creative processes and growth as artists. Li Ning and Lida expressed a common wish to make the most of the mutually-beneficial opportunities offered by this joint exhibition, and their desire to take this artistic dialogue to a new level by actively sharing their knowledge, so as to learn from and inspire one another, with a view to assisting each other`s artistic development.

观众参观展览 马耳他画家丽达发言

The acclaimed Art Critic Mr E.V. Borg stated that while the beauty of Li Ning`s artwork is intrinsically classical, that of Lida’s is essentially romantic, so that their combined personalized styles create a distinct "clash" which reflects the multi-faceted nature of beauty itself. Mr Borg insightful analogies of women and flowers, art and people, paintings and music concluded with an appeal for tranquil silence to appreciate the exhibits as one would an exquisite symphony.


During the closing speech, CCC Director Mr Wang Yanjun informed the guests that the Centre`s motive for organizing the annual "Women`s Culture Month" series of events in March is primarily to increase awareness and appreciation of women`s multiple roles and contributions, particularly in social and cultural spheres in the contemporary age, as well as provide contexts which enhance dialogue and co-operation between women from our two countries, especially in terms of art and culture. Mr Wang added that this exhibition has in fact not only realized this goal, but also succeeded in revealing the rich inner world of women, drawing attention to their existential significance, activities and achievements. Mr Wang described CCC as a platform for enriching cultural exchange between China and Malta which not only gives exposure to China`s cultural heritage but also to outstanding Maltese artists, so that he hopes even more Maltese artists would like to collaborate with CCC and exhibit their works at the Centre`s gallery.

This exhibition marks the CCC`s second Dialogue between Chinese and Maltese Artists Fine Art Exhibition in Malta, this time leading to a second-day follow up session for the two artists to discuss their works and converse about Art, thus also fulfilling its purpose as a platform for ideological exchange between Chinese and local artists.

The Exhibition features a total of 30 fine art pieces, 20 of which appertain to the traditional Chinese Bird-and-Flower Genre, and were brought to Malta by Li Ning, an Art teacher at The Experimental High School Attached to Capital Normal University in Beijing. The other 10 are Oil Paintings depicting human states through flowers, by the prominent local artist Lida Sherafatmand. The exhibition is open to the public during CCC opening hours prior to 26th March.

(Translated by Aida D. Bushra)